• Aedes Reference Brain (1um Voxel, LVPib12 Strain, Female)

    • This is an mhd file and a companion raw data file. These need to be housed in the same folder, and can be opened in ITK SNAP for segmentation, or in ImageJ for viewing. 
  • Segmentation Files

    • These files can be loaded into ITK snap and read out as segmentations of different brain regions. These were used in the brain atlas and used to generate the 3D reconstructions of the female Aedes aegypti brain. 


itk-SNAP was used to segment the mosquito brain, and for 3D reconstruction. 


ParaView was used to visualize and work with 3D data once it has been generated in ITK SNAP and exported as a surface mesh. 


This is the python code that can be used to warp mosquito brains onto the standard reference brain that we have generated.